Lisa Hayden is a contemporary abstract artist creating colorful paintings in an abstract expressionist style. A Massachusetts native, she studied painting at the University of Miami, where the vibrant colors of the warm ocean, palm trees, and architecture have had a lasting influence on her art for over 25 years. 

A creative force in her work is a love of the ocean and nature; paintings often explore the intersection of human feelings and the natural world. An expression of both abstract concepts and landscapes through color, texture and motion is behind each piece of art.



A number of different mediums are used to create the artwork, including acrylics, fluid acrylics, alcohol inks, and encaustics. Each medium has its own way of expressing feeling through color and texture differences.  Some paintings are more focused on the joy of color and texture, and some are based on an experience in nature, such as abstracted seascapes and mountainscapes.  

abstract expressionist painting on canvas


The ocean and its colors and fluidity is visible in many of Lisa's pieces, whether it's the bright Florida waters or a winter's day on Cape Cod. The textures and colors in nature inspire her throughout the changing seasons in New England. The mountains and forests throughout the United States, from Maine to Arizona, are expressed in many different ways in her abstracted landscapes.


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